Welcome! Everything is rather under construction, but you are among the first to visit, so let me explain the objective here! This is not a series of adventures–though I seem to have them often–because I usually document them in another place: Love Notes From God Blog, (which is easier if you just click on the link available).

If you’re human, you probably realize how often we get hungry: food is comfort, is something that gives us energy when we’re flagging, helps us grow (sometimes sideways), sustains us through tough periods, and on and on. Pizza is my favorite. Over chocolate, over anything.

Our spirit needs food as well. You are not handicapped, probably, to the extent that you know how to get something to eat when you desire to be fed. Your spirit tells you that it, too, needs sustenance, but usually we are too busy to stop and listen to it. Eventually a situation develops that drives us to prayer (hence, the aftermath of 9/11), and sometimes we haven’t “stocked the pantry,” so to speak. That’s what this site is about: hungering and thirsting after righteousness. If you hunger, God has promised He will fill you. He is the only one I know Who does what He has promised.

So, get ready to study, either on your own, or with someone else: it can be just two or three of you, or a group. The questions will be written in a form that can be personal or for as many as you want.

These are taken from Group Notes that I write following the Sunday morning sermons preached at a local church here in central Virginia, and are read all over the world. If you want to hear the sermon so that you have a basis for the study, click on the church link on the side strip, and go to sermon archives under Watch/Listen. You will be blessed if you study along with us, and it would be a joy to know you by name!

Give me a few more days to get the site finished and active, and hopefully you’ll join us next week. It is a pleasure to have you on board!

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